About Me

       I’m a geologist-in-training. So, one might ask, why are you writing a lifestyle/smart fashion/ethical eating blog? There are several ways to answer this; for starters, I am not just a geologist. Over the years, I have acquired a fascination with ethical consumerism; plus, I am a wannabe minimalist, fashionista, and healthy eater. There is more to me than the advanced degrees I plan to earn before I turn 30.
       My interest in geology spans years, and while I still intend to pursue the physical sciences as a career, other passions and side projects have emerged. I am excited about my expanding intellectual pursuits, and I cannot wait to share what I’m learning with others who share my interests.
       Somehow, some way, I took a liking to rocks. Also, minerals. What child doesn’t like shiny objects? As for fashion, I started to fine-tune my sense of style in high school (good-bye my beloved sweat pants!). Nowadays I would not be caught dead in an 8 o’clock chemistry class without makeup and a cashmere sweater. My eye for stylish and flattering clothes evolved further after I began to tune in to the negative and sometimes harmful consequences related to parts of the fashion industry.
       Until now, I had been a full-time student, focused on my course work. Now that I have a little more free time (I took a leave of absence this semester) I can put in the time needed to set up and maintain my website. I look forward to developing a comprehensive site that people with varying interests can appreciate. Please comment on a post to share your suggestions or email me if you are interested in collaborating!
       I look forward to learning more about wellness, nutrition, and “slow” fashion; establishing a well-developed Instagram account (@amelia.easley); and working with brands that support these objectives. Just like me, this blog will continue to evolve and grow in ways I have yet to imagine.