My Favorites This February (2019)

Every month I plan to post about memorable experiences that happened recently and new and exciting material items I acquired. So, I am excited to begin this series by noting a few significant changes in my life that took place this past February. Mostly these are experiences that have allowed me to grow. I learned a thing or two about myself and the world around me. Perhaps next month I launch into talking about material goods I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. We’ll have to wait and see! There is never as much time for blogging as I think there’s going to be.

Leaving College

Taking a leave of absence from school is one of the most significant changes I had experienced– besides the lifestyle transformation when I entered college. Although the break is only one semester, I am so glad I went through with it after internally debating it for weeks. If you know me well, you probably know that once I make a choice, I stick to it and make it happen whether it’s the best decision or not. This has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I feel light-hearted and happy. The break has given me to freedom to pursue some interests I had put on hold (like this blog).  

“In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan’s book was so eloquently written. I could hear his voice in my head as I read it. It literally spoke to me on so many levels.  Pollan thoughtfully and thoroughly addresses the evolution of the “Western Diet,” and the emergence of  “low fat” and “fat-free” products that appeared on the shelves of grocery stores across the country. The marketing of these products, regardless of any reliable evidence to support these were what’s best for humans to consume, drove consumers’ demand. No wonder we are confused about what to eat. Pollan urges his readers to focus on the importance of integral vitamins and nutrients in our diet that are typically lacking from the Western Diet which consists mostly of processed foods or foods produced from nutrient deficient soils. It is an essential book that everyone should read. 

Dinner with Mum on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, single me, and single mommy splurged for a fancy dinner at the Peacock Cafe in historic Georgetown. It was the first time I had been downtown DC since winter break.  I can never express how much I genuinely enjoy spending time with her and how thankful I am for all she has done. We always have a lot to talk about, and going out was a unique way to jazz up our typical evenings which consist of eating-rice-bowls-in-our-pajamas-after-walking-the-dog.  

Everlane 90’s Cheeky Straight Jean

Check out my review. As soon as I saw there would be a cheeky vintage jean being released, I knew I had to claim a pair for myself. The denim has a little heft to it and was stiff to the touch at first, but it holds its shape. The look is wonderful. 

Publishing this Blog! 

Of course, I hope this will be my most significant accomplishment for a few years. Visit my blog post entitled “Introduction to My Blog” and the “About Me” page to learn about my goals and interests! 

Painting my room

I had been thinking about redesigning my bedroom for years, visualizing different color schemes and palettes in my head. Finally, I trekked to the paint store one chilly morning, confident about what I wanted. After spending one too many days with a trim brush in one hand and a roller in the other, the effect turned out better than I could have imagined. The previous colors were bold and dramatic. It was perfect for an earlier version of myself, but not a good fit for the young adult I see in the mirror. Now, the soothing tones make it easier to relax. It feels like a “new” space.

Anthropologie String Lights 

Truth be told, I have had these string lights for a while. They are the last thing I look at before I go to bed and the first thing I wake up to each morning. They provided a warm and homey touch to my college dorm room, and now add a dash of life to the muted tones of my newly painted room. Did I subconsciously design my new bedroom around a string of lights?  Some things never get old ❤ 

Reconnecting with Portland, Oregon

I am writing this entry on the return flight from Portland OR where I enjoyed seeing many great friends and former classmates. Bonus! It was sunny and mild every day I was in Portland. Not exactly how I remembered my first year of college, but I loved it. Maybe I’ll post a few blogs on Portland. Let me know what you’re interested in reading.

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