Review: Everlane ’90s Cheeky Straight Jean

       I added myself to the waitlist for Everlane’s ‘90s Cheeky Straight Jean as soon as I knew they would be released. I ordered them the same morning they were uploaded on the site for public purchase. I already own the Original Cheeky Jeans in the black wash and have been looking for a pair of light wash vintage jeans ever since.


       These jeans are 100% cotton and sourced from the “World’s Cleanest Denim Factory” in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, where water used is 98% recycled. The significance of this is a huge deal: the production of one conventional cotton t-shirt requires 400 gallons of water, which is equivalent to how much water one person drinks over two and a half years. Not only are trees planted by the Bien Hoa factory to offset the CO2 emissions, but all jeans are air dried. The denim is placed on a conveyer belt that uses hot air produced from other factory machinery. All “sludge” waste is captured and used to build affordable brick homes.


       I usually am between a size 26 and 27 and own the original cheeky jeans in a 27, which are wider in the leg and looser in the waist than I prefer. So, I gave it a shot and purchased the new cheeky in size 26. I am happy I did, as the denim has loosened just enough that I can move about easily.  

       On first wear, the fit was pretty tight. I was doing a small photo shoot for the jeans (the pictures shown on this blog), and it was hard to bend my legs into a criss-cross position. After a day or two of wear, however, most of that has gone away. After another day of wear, I put them on and felt as though I needed a belt. I hope to wash them when I get home and get right back to wearing them all the time.


       One of my favorite parts about these pants are how versatile they are in my wardrobe. I have a fairly minimalistic style, at least I aim to, and I can wear these jeans with just about everything. In these pictures, I am wearing them with the Square Mockneck Tee in Washed Black/Bone Mid Stripe from Everlane. Today I wore them with the Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck in the Charcoal color, also from Everlane.

       When it comes to shoes, I can wear these jeans with black leather Blundstones, taupe suede booties, or just about every other shoe in my closet. I can roll them up one or two times to show off a cute pair of socks. They are indeed a classic pair of pants.

       Although I purchased these in February, I can wear these pants year round. They don’t hug my legs, so I have no major worries about wearing them when the temperature hits 75 or even 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is room to breathe, and I feel they represent my style as it has changed from my skinny-jean-wearing past. These jeans are the future.


       I see myself wearing these pants for the next several years. Denim styled like this is essential in so many wardrobes, no matter what else is in the closet. I will continue to try new tops and sweaters to wear in combination with these jeans as well as experimenting with fun socks and shoes!

       I am confident knowing these denim pants are made by people who are paid a fair wage and are not subject to dangerous working conditions, besides all the environmental plusses of sustainably-minded companies like Everlane. It is so necessary that we as consumers continue to support brands that treat employees decently and are mindful of their impact on the environment.



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