Introduction to My Blog

Hello everyone,
        My name is Amelia, and I thank you so much for clicking on the link to my new creation!
       I, of course, have goals for this blog. A major one is to tell my story. Many blogs are helpful, offering useful advice to their readers. Other blogs are merely entertaining. I’m shooting for both. I am interested in writing about a few topics, like fashion, eating, and learning to slow down my life. But, I also want to share my path with everyone who chooses to stay a bit longer and read on. I hope that in the process my followers learn a few things about me, and I, in turn, can be a guide of sorts on topics where we share interests.
       As I write this, the plans I had so carefully constructed for myself since early in high school are suddenly … uncertain. Learning to live in the present is not something I knew how to do even a month ago. Having said that, I am learning to cope with uncertainty and, even better, using the unknown to create the life I have long wanted to live–something in the past I would have found so difficult to do when my five- and ten-year plans were spread out before me like poured cement.
       If the link in my Instagram bio took you here, fantastic. I am working on my Instagram and want to make it something I’m proud to show off. It will be a great way to keep up with what’s really going on in my life when I am not posting on my website. If you’ve found this blog through Facebook, hello family and friends! I appreciate your interest, and I hope this gives you more insight into what I’m up to besides what you hear from my parents. 😉
Here are some topics I plan to write about:


       I’ve struggled for many years with chronic stomach problems. I recently developed an interest in all things related to food: how it’s produced, how it is delivered to our stores and markets,  and why do we eat the things we do. I believe I have recently found the best diet for me. Personally, trying to find the right balance between healthy eating and what tastes good was the most challenging part. I read whatever reliable sources I come upon on the subject and spend considerable time contemplating the path our society has taken the past 50 years that has led to a host of food-related issues. I am excited to keep expanding my knowledge on this subject and sharing what I’ve learned. If you have book recommendations, please send them my way! I just finished “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. What a page-turner. No joke: I could barely put it down.

Slow Fashion:

       I am not sure how this topic sparked my interest, but a couple of years ago I became aware of the different ways clothes are produced, some better than others. My research led me to a whole slough ethical and sustainable fashion companies and influencers. Now, I can’t resist scouting for new clothing brands to support. There is so much about the fashion industry that has been hidden from consumers, like the amount of waste that is produced and offloaded in irresponsible ways, and the industry’s employment practices that are often exploitative and even dangerous due to toxic fumes and machines that lack the necessary safeguards to protect the workers handling them.
       Interesting Fact: Women and children are most at risk for severe injury in this industry. There are even reports that customers have found “help me” messages written by their clothes’ manufacturers. Please read this article.


       I haven’t decided yet if I consider myself a fashion blogger, a lifestyle blogger, or what. Truthfully, I don’t want to feel limited right now. I do want to focus on lifestyle in some aspect or another. I have a lot to learn in terms of slower living, which is a journey perhaps my readers and I can take together. See my article entitled, “Why I Spend More on Pajamas.”
       Finally, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and hope that you share. On my Instagram account (@amelia.easley) you can do that in the comments section. I want to know more about my followers and what you all are interested in hearing from me. I want to know more about you and your interests. Let’s start a conversation! I am so excited for what this blog is already and what it has the potential to become. Thanks to all of those who’ve already given me some beneficial suggestions, or just shared their own experiences. Thanks especially to all those sent encouragement my way!
All my Love,