Why I Spend More on Pajamas

       For the past few days I have been painting my room- so all organization on the top floor of my home has been lost. My dresser is at the top of the staircase blocking Bella’s usual sleeping spot and the clothes I wore yesterday are on the bathroom vanity. Nobody’s perfect! It is slightly overwhelming, but I am so excited to create a new space for myself to reflect on how my style has changed over the past few years.

       Currently, I am propped up by pillows in my mom’s bed a little later in the morning than I’d like to admit. I am wearing a sweatshirt (yes, with paint on it) that I purchased from a Washington D.C. based company at the Women’s March two years ago, and a pair of pajama bottoms from a set given to me for Christmas a few years back. Although I may be hypocritical writing “Why I Spend More on Pajamas” at this moment, I promise it is worth your while to continue reading the blog of a con artist. To your surprise, I was almost caught bursting my bank account on a pair of $500 silk pajamas earlier this winter.


       A few months ago, I was shopping with a couple of friends and admired a relatively pricey pair of PJs that were inside a store. One friend told me, “I don’t spend much on pajamas since nobody ever sees them.” Here is where I will begin my rant, as she was so, so wrong.

       I make a point to dress to impress (just about) every day. Once, I wore the same outfit to class as I did to a date that evening. I am most productive and confident wearing put-together staple items, so why would I slack off when it comes to sleepwear? When I see a pretty pair of PJs, I get at least as excited as I do seeing a cute sweater or pair of jeans. I can’t imagine I am the only one who becomes jittery seeing Sundry come out with new items.

       By wearing silk or other “fancier” pajama items when I get into bed each night, I feel like a queen. Each night, after throwing open my duvet cover, I crawl inside my covers to stretch out my limbs and feel the cool temperature of the sheets wrapping around my moving legs. I always look around my room to admire and appreciate the life I am able to live and the place I am fortunate enough to sleep every night. I look up to admire the coziness of the light my string lights give off as they hang above my headboard. The soft gray and mauve tones in my walls allow my eyes to tire instantaneously after a long day. I pull my faux fur throw around my neck and turn to my side, shining a little bit of light on the book I’m reading. After just shy of reading one chapter, my eyes droop, and the novel drops into the sheet. Sleep tight, dear Amelia.

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       Wearing a matching pajama set allows me to wake up more refreshed and willing to take on the day, especially in the winter months. As soon as I wake up I begin to move my arms, then my legs. I open my eyes and try to gauge how late it is based on the amount of light coming in through the window. Usually, fortunately, it is never past 8 o’clock in the morning. My hair feels clean, I feel awake, I feel happy. Although, of course, that is not entirely to do with what I am wearing, it is definitely improved by it.

       No matter your budget, no matter your style, it is essential to stick with what makes you and your body feel like royalty, even if you sleep in a twin size dorm bed with lights outside that keep you awake and a roommate who snores. You deserve to feel good. If wearing head-to-toe sweats does that, fantastic! However, don’t forget that you should treat YOU, not the people around you, every once in a while (if your excuse is spending money only on clothing others will see).

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